Ph.D., Professor

Full Member (Academician) NAPS Ukraine
Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine
Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine

Rector of the National Drahomanov Pedagogical University 

President of the Association of Rectors of Pedagogical Universities in Europe

Our first step was creating a sort of consortium of European universities pedagogical profile, determination and formation of a single scale of values that could be the basis of education and training of new teachers in all European countries.

The second step - the development of the concept and appeal to the governments of European countries with a proposal for its implementation.

The third step -  solving the problem in practice, taking into account national and other features of the European space.

Because of the new teacher will be formed spiritual platform of a new type of life united Europe - a humanistic, democratic, universal.

Ukrainian Association of Rectors of Universities of Education of Ukraine, which I head, has reasonable grounds to initiate this process in Europe. 

We, Ukrainian teachers are direct and immediate successors of the most profound in content and powerful in their teaching and educational influence of educational tradition, founded by M. Pirogov, K. Ushinsky, A. Makarenko, V. Sukhomlynsky, leading the top nine best educators in Europe and the world.

This is a deep need for European society in the renaissance of values, marred by a total noncontrolled development of market relations, globalization, internationalization process vulgar, etc., which on the one hand, established in the social space and time as the society of a high standard of living, material well-being and comfort, and on the other hand, there are serious distortions in the development of spirituality, morality, humanity, and humanity.

European unification process requiring prompt treatment, the revival of humanistic essence, return them in social space. The last task should execute teacher, formed on a single scale of values.

Ukrainian educational tradition in its essence is the most attractive for Europeans as it is formed and reflects the essential nature of man as a creator of culture, human as a free being activity of whom is based on fundamental human values. Kind of core of this tradition is the philosophical credo, defined by Vasyl Sukhomlynsky "Heart Give to Children." What could be more humane and perspective in the education rights of the XXI century? The question is rhetorical in its nature. If so, a kind of matrix Ukrainian pedagogy should be placed in the process of preparing teachers for the united Europe of the XXI century.

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