Board Meeting (announcement)

 On 17 - 19 November 2013
the extended Board Meeting of the Association of Rectors of Pedagogical Universities in Europe
will be held in the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (Vilnius, Lithuania)



The meeting will include a review of priorities of the implementation of Pedagogical Constitution of Europe, adopted by the Association Second Forum in May 2013 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany); adoption of the model (ABC) of European Pedagogical Universities Ranking; organizational issues discussion.

Note: The project "Pedagogical Constitution of Europe" aims to develop and implement a common axiological (value) platform of forming a new teacher for the united Europe of the XXI century.
This project launched in pursuance of the Forum of Education Ministers of European countries, and to implement "Kiev Pedagogical Initiatives" expressed by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2011).
Text of "Pedagogical Constitution of Europe" is signed by 25 rectors from 11 countries of European education area.
The project is endorsed and supported by the representative of European Parliament Doris Pack (Chair of the EU Committee on Culture and Education), who presented a programme report, Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Pavlo Klimkin, former German Ambassador to Ukraine Dietmar Stüdemann, honorable representatives of education and science of Ukraine, Germany, Poland and other European countries.
According to prior agreement, the Project shall be implemented in several phases: 1) development of basic subjects for joint Master programs of future teachers, 2) preparation of manuals ("books to read" for students), 3) foundation of the Continental Pedagogical University on the territory of one of the countries in European education area.

The primary issue of planned Association Board meeting in Vilnius is the formation of international work groups (temporary research teams) to develop Master programs for future teachers training in European education area on such subjects as "Philosophy", "Pedagogy", "European history", "Ecology", "Democracy Principles", "Pedagogical ethics" and others.

As international moderators are offered by directions: "Philosophy" (moderator: Lithuania), "Pedagogy" (moderator: Germany), "European History" (moderator: Moldova) "Ecology" (moderator: Belarus), "Democracy Principles" (moderator: Poland), "Pedagogical Ethics" (moderator: Russian).

Note: The moderator creates an international creative team, applies to one of the donor organizations, creates project and develops relevant program. Approval is provided by academic discourse (remotely or real) in the form of academic conferences, seminars and symposia.

This task must be accomplished in two years.

Meeting programme provides also foundation of "Lithuanian - Ukrainian History Club"; presentation of the project "Glorious Ukraine"; signing of an agreement between Education Departments of Vilnius and Kiev; lecture for university students "Shevchenko in Vilnius: the 200th anniversary of Kobzar birth".




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